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Great Grindr Road Trip

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My Instagram Lana Del Ray shirt made at Splendour in an explosion of indeh love.

My Instagram Lana Del Ray shirt made at Splendour in an explosion of indeh love.

The new tumblr app for iPhone is making me really want to have a more tumblr-ble life

I’m here with the Leader of the Opposition. I’m red, he’s always cross so we’re here together… Had to do it. Sorry

Prime Minister Julia Gillard at a Red Cross Event in Parliament House

I lol’d 

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This was even better in person.

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Penis or No Penis!?

Just another reason to move over to my new tumblr guys. It’s all class.


I invented a new (and totally not disgusting) game when I stumbled upon this way-too-pornographic blog. Scroll half way down a picture, or however low you can get, and guess if there will be penis or not. I play it with my housemate so I don’t feel as awful as I should.


Follow guys, I’m actually keen on it and one day I will learn to write a post that isn’t rambly/inconclusive or poorly written. But enjoy it until then!

if your man starts a reformation to separate the church of england from the roman catholic church because he wants to divorce you because you can’t produce a male child to inherit the throne

he’s just not that into you

Also, that’s a dealbreaker

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Me as a thumb

Me as a thumb

Thirty Fucking Lights

I moved into my house properly about 2 months ago. For the first month, thirty lights borrowed from my university have been in the lounge. Since then, they have been at the foot of my bed. Staring at me. The last inhabitant of this room (preceding and during my time here) has not gotten around to removing them. Everyday I want to clean and rearrange and make a nicely organised room, and every day they are there. I have never been more irritated at contraband stage equipment.

I haven’t had to put up with much, but the point still stands.